Kelburn Farm

Kelburn Farm consists of 700 acres of heavy clay soil in the Red River Valley, adjacent to the Red River. It is a productive growing area with a long growing season but with one major limitation—excess moisture. We rely on surface drainage to manage excess moisture on the farm. Ample moisture usually results in lush growth, high yields and a great place to test fungicides and push fertility management. Our large, one-acre plots dominate what we do at Kelburn, alongside small replicated trials and small plot demonstrations.

Did You Know?

  • Kelburn Farm was founded by Muriel Sprague Richardson in 1945 and was originally a cattle farm.
  • Kelburn was converted to a grain farm in the 1970s, then following the flood of 1997, has since been used as a demonstration facility.
  • The name “Kelburn” is derived from a Scottish expression meaning “trees beside the stream” and since the farm is beside the Red River, it was deemed a fitting choice.



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